Allergenuity Health’s 2019 Veteran Sponsorship

To celebrate our 1-year anniversary and give back to the community that helped get us started, we want to sponsor a Veteran (or their family member) for allergy care with us.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in the world we live in.

We all have obstacles to overcome, but it is possible to work towards improving our quality of life. It’s even easier when we do it together, as a community. For those with food or environmental allergies, we can help provide the tools, education, and treatment that can make living as an allergic person extremely manageable.

How To Apply For A Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship Details: 1 year on one of our Programs at no charge, followed by a 25% reduction in Program fees for the remainder of your initial treatment course. Please note, sublingual allergen immunotherapy is a long-term process (similar to allergy shots or oral immunotherapy) with the initial treatment phase being on average 3-5 years. Some individuals subsequently achieve a type of remission-state and come off of treatment for some time, whereas others may require continued treatment to maintain the results they have achieved.
  • Eligibility:  You are a US veteran or a US veteran’s family member (spouse or child) and have environmental and/or food allergies. You are also able and willing to travel to see us at our clinic for treatment, which occurs about once every 3 months. Contact us for more details.
  • How to Apply: Please fill out the form below or send your name, address, email, phone number, military service, when you served, and allergy story to by July 31, 2019. Tell us about how you, your spouse, or your child came to have allergies, what challenges you have faced because of allergies, and what goals you would like to accomplish by seeing us and receiving allergy treatment. If the treatment would be for your son or daughter, do they have a favorite superhero/superheroine that they admire or look to for strength? We want to know more about you and how we can help.
  • Results: The best fit for this sponsorship will be determined by August 12, 2019. We will contact the sponsorship recipient by the contact information provided and they will have 7 days to respond (or they will forfeit the sponsorship). We would appreciate the sponsored family signing a Media Release such that we can further share the benefits of this process with the community.

What Is Allergenuity Health

Dr. Nikhila Schroeder

Nikhila Schroeder MD, MEng – Board Certified Allergist at Allergenuity Health (photo not on location)

Allergenuity Health is a direct care allergy clinic that specializes in treating pediatric or adult patients with nearly any type or severity of food or environmental allergies using a comprehensive Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT, or “allergy drops”) method. While SLIT in various forms has been performed safely and effectively for over 100 years, the complex and personalized nature of the treatment has minimized its ability to become mainstream in the US, and there are unfortunately very few board-certified allergists in the US who have gained in-depth experience in how to use this particular method of treatment.

Dr. Nikhila Schroeder and her husband James (a former Marine who served in Iraq in 2003) started Allergenuity Health in 2018 to be one place that provides a high-quality version of this vastly underutilized but highly sought after allergy treatment. They also chose to tackle another problem in healthcare these days, and purposefully removed themselves from the insurance-managed healthcare system in order to introduce a direct care system to allergy care – bringing back the importance of patients and doctors getting to know one another, building trust, and working directly together on improving the patient’s health problems. They currently are honored and humbled to have patients who travel to see them from all across the US and from several other countries.

Why We Are Sponsoring A Veteran

USMC marine corps Operation Iraqi Freedom

James Schroeder – Practice Executive at Allergenuity Health

We are celebrating our 1-year anniversary in the City of Charlotte, and we’d like to give back to the community that has supported us in revolutionizing allergy care by prioritizing a deeper, direct patient-doctor relationship and providing a highly specialized comprehensive allergy treatment called multi-allergen Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT).

We believe in doing our part to build up the community and world we live in, and each year we plan to sponsor someone who could benefit from our care. The Allergenuity SLIT Method is a very safe and effective way to attempt to retrain an allergic person’s immune system to reduce its reactivity to its allergens, making that person’s world both safer and much more enjoyable. It is also easy for a person to do and it is non-invasive, reducing all of the typical stressors and frequent appointments required for other forms of allergen immunotherapy.

Every day, we work with families from all over the country who are suffering from severe food and environmental allergies, and they are nothing short of heroes. This year, we would like to sponsor another very important kind of hero – a veteran or a direct family member of that veteran who is struggling with allergies.

Veteran Sponsorship 2019

Tell us more about you and why you’re looking for a sponsorship for you or your loved one. The more detail the better.

    For additional information on SLIT and many other topics, please see our FAQs