Basic Allergy-Immunology

Important basic allergy-immunology topics.

What causes allergies and allergic reactions?


Allergies are thought to arise out of a complex combination of genetic and environmental factors. These factors signal the immune system to produce the allergy antibody (IgE) upon exposure to a certain antigen (a pollen, food, animal dander, mold, etc), instead of classifying the antigen as harmless and ignoring it. The IgE [...]

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What is Immunotherapy in general?


"Immunotherapy" is a process of prevention or treatment of a disease (such as an allergy, autoimmune disorder, or cancer) that involves signaling and modifying the immune system via mechanisms such as suppression, desensitization, stimulation, enhancement, down-regulation, and others. For allergen immunotherapy, desensitizing and/or true tolerance-building effects (these are different) can occur in [...]

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