Quite simply, liquid multi-allergen sublingual immunotherapy training is not part of the typical allergy fellowship training program curriculum in the US. As such, without instruction on and exposure to this treatment during an allergist’s formal training years, few allergists have experience formulating and managing this treatment, nor have they seen first-hand the many ways this form of sublingual immunotherapy can benefit patients. To obtain appropriate skills and experience with this treatment, an allergist would have to specifically seek additional training on his or her own.

Dr. Schroeder has a special interest in safely training the immune system to choose to handle allergens better and sought out experience with liquid multi-allergen SLIT after concluding her fellowship training. She has since treated close to 1000 patients with SLIT. At Allergenuity Health, we have chosen to make liquid multi-allergen sublingual immunotherapy our primary immunotherapy offering so that a high-quality SLIT treatment option that is managed directly by an experienced, board-certified allergist can be made available to anyone who could benefit from it.