Anyone with known allergies or sensitivities (and related conditions that could include atopic dermatitis/eczema, asthma, hayfever, recurrent sinus infections, swollen itchy eyes, hives, stomach aches, fatigue, headaches, joint inflammation, food allergy reactions, anaphylaxis, etc) would likely benefit in some way from the retraining of their immune system in relation to a more tolerant approach towards allergens via a method like sublingual immunotherapy. Furthermore, those with known risk factors for potentially developing allergies (such as a strong family history of allergic conditions) could also benefit from training and guiding their immune system towards choosing tolerance of allergens early on before it gets too far off track. Whether or not to pursue SLIT treatment depends on a combination of factors involving the details of your allergic history and your specific goals.

There are many elements that affect an immune system and several different methods to attempt to train or retrain one, but liquid antigen sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT allergy drops) is a method that is overall regarded as safe and effective (when properly formulated and managed), flexible, and versatile. It is non-invasive and it can be used at any age, including infancy. It can often be safely used in conditions in which other forms of immunotherapy (allergy shots, oral immunotherapy) may be unsafe or contraindicated. Though like any form of immunotherapy it requires commitment and long-term use for best results, with SLIT there is overall much less time spent at a doctor’s office and away from school, work, or other parts of your life. After some time on treatment, many patients notice they require much less allergy (and even other) medication. If any of these features sound beneficial to you, you would likely be a great candidate for sublingual immunotherapy treatment.