Your results on Sublingual Immunotherapy will depend on several main factors, including your personal allergic history, your specific allergens and their unique properties, the complexity of your entire immunologic load, your overall health, lifestyle and dietary exposures, the design of your immunotherapy program, your compliance with your treatment program, the length of time you spend on treatment, and some factors internal to your immune system that we cannot test for or evaluate ahead of time and will observe as we are trying the treatment.

Some of these factors are controllable, and others are not. At Allergenuity Health, you can be assured that your sublingual immunotherapy program is designed and managed directly by Dr. Schroeder, a board-certified allergist with experience in utilizing sublingual immunotherapy to enact immunologic change, not an outside company. With your active participation in the treatment regimen designed specifically for you, you are sure to see some form of positive results. In the rare case that your immune system is resistant to this form of retraining, we will be able to tell within the first couple years and can discuss alternative options for you either with us or that may be available elsewhere.