Allergenuity Health is a direct care clinic which means we connect directly with you – our patient – for your care, and nobody else. We are able to provide care to anyone who desires our care, which necessitates that we not in-network with any insurance company. This means that we are paid directly by you for the care and services we provide you, and receive no reimbursement from insurance companies or the government. By standing outside the system, we are able to offer you many benefits that are highly desired but not offered in the standard insurance-managed system these days, such as ample appointment time with your physician to get your questions answered and build a relationship, direct access to your allergist without layers of middle-men, no outside interference in the medical decision making affecting your care, and so much more.

We have made every effort to make our pricing structure reflect the value of the services and quality of care we offer. If you have insurance and wish to use your insurance benefits, you may do so for most services that are not performed directly in our clinic (such as bloodwork and prescription medications). Please see the related question below.

Payment options: Our period of introductory payment options is coming to an end soon, so we will hopefully update this section accordingly when it does. For now, one option is simply to pay for the services you use at the time of service. We believe in price transparency in health care, so our current prices are transparently listed. Another option is to join one of the Allergenuity Health Programs we have diligently developed. These Programs are deferred payment plans that were designed to serve those who are committed and actively engaged in working with us towards their allergy health goals and who understand and accept that in order to benefit from immunotherapy, you have to commit to it for some time. Our deferred payment Programs provide you with all the main services you will likely need for a straightforward monthly fee, making your budgeting for care much easier and doing the same for our billing. This in turn allows us to give you even more value for what you spend on your care, since we can dedicate more time and effort to you rather than on optimizing our coding and billing practices. Being on a Program does not limit your medical care in any way. If an additional service is needed that is not listed under your Program, it is simply billed from our transparent list of Fees For Services. We developed these deferred payment Programs because we think they are a helpful option for all of us – to spread out the costs associated with pursuing a highly specialized care option such as what we offer – and to simplify the payment and billing process for us all.

We hope you find these options easy, fair, and convenient. The prices of our Programs and our Service Fees are all readily available here.