At Allergenuity Health, we want to make your entire healthcare process with us as easy as possible. One way we can make things easier is to take the frustrating, large, surprise medical bills out of the equation and help you be able to plan ahead to work your allergy health care expenses into your budget, just as you would your car payment, cell phone plan, or other important expenses. Another way we can make things easier is to provide you additional conveniences along with the best care we can.

Allergenuity Health Programs are deferred payment options we have developed to cover a set of commonly used services by paying a monthly fee. These Programs are designed for people who are truly committed to improving their health at the root cause of their issues and who are interested in pursuing the specific type of care and sublingual immunotherapy treatments we provide for the long term. We have structured our Programs to give you valuable medical services and many additional conveniences for a reasonable and stable price. Joining a Program is a commitment on both of our ends to actively work together for the next several years to attempt to retrain your immune system and improve your quality of life. By choosing the most appropriate Program for your healthcare needs, you will get a great value and access to several services and conveniences that are not typically available by medical clinics and physicians, and you will be able to spread out your payments over your entire treatment course (on average, 3-5 years). If you are a person who will be maintaining a SLIT treatment for the forseeable future, then after the initial buildup and 1-2 years on maintenance, if things are very stable, we will allow you to switch off of your Program payments and onto the Fee For Service regimen in which you can just pay for your treatment bottles and come in for a brief checkup and update every 1-2 years. Please see the details of our Program options here.