The most studied treatment for venom anaphylaxis is subcutaneous immunotherapy (also known as SCIT or allergy shots). Venom immunotherapy by allergy shots has been shown in studies to reduce a person’s risk of anaphylaxis by 95%, which is by far the most successful result in allergy shots treatment to date. SLIT has not been as well studied with regard to improving venom allergy given the tremendous success of allergy shots in regards to venom-specific treatment, but there are some preliminary studies that suggest that there may be a role for SLIT in venom allergy treatment. However, at this time, our recommendation regarding treatment of venom allergy with immunotherapy is to use the subcutaneous (allergy shots) route.

Additionally, venom antigen has been undergoing a major shortage in the US recently and many patients needing treatment have had to go without. As such, we will initially not purchase venom antigen for diagnostic testing such that more is available for the clinics who use these antigens for allergy shots treatment as well.