Yes. Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) drops can be adjusted to the right dose for each individual patient, making this an extremely safe form of controlled allergen exposure and immunotherapy. This is especially true when the treatment is designed and managed by a physician with appropriate proficiency in properly interpreting allergen testing (such as an allergist), and especially one who has significant experience in utilizing SLIT specifically.

Liquid antigen SLIT has been shown to be safer in general than allergy shots, oral immunotherapy (OIT), and SLIT tablets – resulting in less severe reactions with dosing than these 3 other forms of immunotherapy. There are several studies discussing and demonstrating the safety and efficacy of various methods of both environmental and food sublingual immunotherapy drops. Most importantly, epinephrine has not been required for adverse effects upon dosing.

Like with any form of immunotherapy, there are risks to be aware of, since an integral part of the treatment is controlled exposures to your allergens. A discussion of the risks and benefits of this treatment should be had with your allergist before starting.