Yes. If you have private insurance or Medicare, you can use your insurance coverage and benefits for bloodwork and prescription medications if you desire. (We also offer very reasonable prompt pay rates if you’d like to pay for your bloodwork outside of your insurance through Allergenuity Health at a Labcorp center near you.) Due to specific state laws and restrictions, if you have NC Medicaid however, you cannot use your Medicaid coverage for anything connected with a non-enrolled physician (which includes us), but you can still choose to see us for care as long as you contract with us outside of your Medicaid coverage. If you have Medicaid from a different state, you will need to consult your Medicaid office for your state’s rules. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Though we all want to use the health insurance coverage we have (and pay dearly for), it is important that we all remember that health insurance is not health care. We all have a choice in what types of health care to seek and which specific doctors to see, despite our health insurance coverage explanation often making us feel like we don’t. Our clinic offers several unique attributes that we hope will benefit those looking for more personalized, thorough, and comfortable care methods that reconnect patients and their doctors directly.