At Allergenuity Health, one of our missions is price transparency, so you can find our main prices listed here.

Another one of our goals is to have valuable, innovative, and personalized services, so we have done our best to make different options and price points available so that you can choose what is valuable to you for your specific goals and needs. If additional sublingual immunotherapy services are created specifically for you (such as an atypical product or a dose higher than the typical maintenance dose for a targeted allergen), we will determine the price of the specially-designed service at that time and will discuss it with you before you decide whether or not to move forward with that option.

Sublingual immunotherapy that uses FDA approved commercial antigen will be subject over time to market fluctuations in these antigen base costs. We have been told by our suppliers that there is typically an annual price increase of 8-15% each spring, and there can be other changes in prices depending on market demand or collection aspects. Obviously, no one likes price increases, us included, so we will do our best to keep your costs as stable and as reasonable as possible. We will continue to be upfront through the process if any price changes are necessary.

(Please note: the base cost of these FDA approved and regulated antigens is quite high, so if you are receiving SLIT drops somewhere for a very low cost or are purchasing generic allergy drops from a health store or the internet, keep in mind that you may not be receiving safe and regulated antigens, or you may be receiving them in very low doses.)