Depending on your personal treatment plan and how far you are traveling to come see us, we can decide together how to best plan for follow up during your buildup and maintenance process. Many local families come for either a brief updose appointment or a more thorough follow up appointment every 3 months for awhile, then spread out to every 6 months at higher doses, and then are seen yearly during maintenance. Many out of state families that fly in or drive significant distances may come every 6 months for appointments during buildup and then every 12 months at higher doses or during maintenance. What’s wonderful is the process is flexible in so many ways, and we will work with you to make the scheduling and travel as easy as possible for your situation.

Those who graduate from the main course of treatment (buildup and 1-2 years on maintenance) and choose to stay on SLIT treatment very long term to best maintain their progress can typically follow up once every 1-2 years if things are very stable.