Improvement in chronic allergen-related symptoms is typically seen well within the first year – as quickly as within the first few months for some individuals, but may take several months or closer to a year in others – so it is important to not be discouraged if quick changes are not seen and to hang in there. The immune system needs time to make changes, and this amount of time varies based on many factors that differ among individuals. Continued gradual improvement will occur over the next several months to years until you are feeling overall quite well compared to your starting point. An improvement in your quality of life is assured if you have the right condition(s) to be treated with this method, you are compliant with your treatment program, and your immune system is amenable to responding to this type of signaling and retraining. At Allergenuity Health, we will regularly connect to assess your progress and will use follow up testing as needed for additional information. Dr. Schroeder will make any adjustments needed to further optimize your treatment along the way.