Taking your sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops is easy. Open your mouth and lift up your tongue, and then fully depress the pump on your bottle to dispense your liquid allergens into your sublingual (under the tongue) space. If done correctly, you will notice a slightly sweet taste. Keep your tongue slightly up and let the liquid allergens rest in that spot for 2 minutes without swallowing in order to allow the immune cells in the sublingual area to notice and pick up the allergens from your treatment. (A decent amount of the allergens may be picked up within the first 30 seconds, so consider that the minimum but 2 minutes the goal.) When you’re done, swallow your saliva and whatever is remaining of the allergen unless advised by Dr. Schroeder otherwise, and go about with your day until your next dose! Your specific dosing parameters (the number of pumps to take at one time and the number of times per day to take them) will be discussed with you by Dr. Schroeder when your personalized treatment plan is designed.

Infants or young children may not be able to achieve this technique perfectly, but that is no reason to worry or hold off on treatment if appropriate. Dr. Schroeder will discuss alternate ways in which the allergy drops can be administered to little ones and still be effective at your appointment.