Depending on when and why you are leaving a Program with us, we have set up a few straight-forward paths to complete your Program and Program payments.

Graduates: Once you have completed the buildup and initial maintenance phases of your immunotherapy course, if you are feeling well and no longer requiring significant healthcare services, you will become a Program Graduate (congratulations!). If you are soon-to-be graduating from your Program, we will discuss the future care options available so you can choose which route will be most beneficial to you. If you will be completely discontinuing all immunotherapy treatment upon graduation to do a complete trial off of treatment, we will set the date for your final Program payment as appropriate per your treatment plan as we near that point. You can still use our services at any time via the Fee For Service payment model, including remaining on you maintenance sublingual immunotherapy doses for an extended or indefinite period. Alternatively, you can transition to a “Graduate Program” suited to your new specific needs (and at a much lower monthly expense) if you would like to continue to access the services and additional conveniences we offer on our Programs.

Long-time patients: If you have been on one of our Programs for more than 12 months and decide or need to stop pursuing our care services at Allergenuity Health for a reason other than Graduating from the Program, we ask for 2 months notice. The reason for this is that we do not require pre-payment for your services or included immunotherapy bottle(s) in order to allow you to have a more balanced cost deferment throughout your treatment course. Choosing or needing to terminate your Program commitment early can throw a wrinkle into our ability to sustain this system so we need to ask for your help in mitigating that by giving us a little bit of notice. Once we have that, we will work with you to determine the most appropriate end point for your services and payments within the upcoming 2 month period. We hope the pros to this Program system outweigh the cons, and we will transition you off both your treatment and your Program payment plan as smoothly as possible.

Newer patients: If you have been on a Program for less than 12 months when you decide or need to leave your Program commitment early, we will simply calculate the services you have used during your time with us using our Fee For Service price list. If that amount is higher than what you have already paid into your Program to date, the difference will be your balance owed. You can either pay your balance off at once to close your account, or you can maintain your Program’s payment plan installments (to spread out the payments needed to pay off your balance) with no additional services until your balance is $0.