No. In order to protect your ability for a deeper and more direct relationship with your allergist at Allergenuity Health – without middlemen, unnecessary delays, and numerous layers of interference in your medical management – we have needed to withdraw from the insurance-managed healthcare system completely and stand proudly outside of it. This means that now we are in a relationship directly with you, our patients, for your health care, and we hope that if you choose to seek care with us that you are as excited about this incredible freedom as we are. We can spend much more time with you, get to know you and your family better, and provide you with what we feel is the quality of personalized health care we all truly desire but has become so far removed from the norm in the “standard system”. Furthermore, if you want even more time or services from us, you can arrange for whatever you need and there are not even any surprise costs – our fees for whatever you desire for your care are transparently displayed on our website Service Fees section so that you can be fully informed at all times. We receive no reimbursement from insurance companies or the government at all, so we are paid directly by you for the care, medical services, and conveniences we offer that you value.