No. Unfortunately, providing you with a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement would require Allergenuity Health to still somewhat operate within the insurance-driven healthcare system, which would mean losing our ability to protect a direct relationship with you and to offer you several other benefits and conveniences which we feel are far more valuable than any reimbursement amount you may (but likely would not) obtain. Superbills (invoices including all of our services with ICD-10 diagnosis codes and CPT codes) require a lot of invested time and money – to do trainings to attempt to keep up with the ever-changing and growing 70,000+ ICD Diagnosis codes and 10,000+ CPT codes, to hire a coding staff and billing staff to help advise on, modify, and manage the confusing coded bills, and to keep track of and document all your so-called applicable codes over time. Many times in the allergy field, we frustratingly do not even have an appropriate code for a particular situation (despite 80,000+ codes), so reimbursement becomes a battle or cannot even occur. By removing from our processes this complete waste of time and money that has nothing to do with your actual health care, we are able to put our resources into what matters most: your actual health care – spending more time with you, focusing on you as a person and not your codes and how they reimburse, and not wasting valuable time we could be devoting to you instead by battling with insurance companies over denied codes for no comprehensible reason.

We hope you feel the quality of care we provide to you more than makes up for the lack of being able to submit a superbill to your insurance company!