Common Allergy Codes

Common CPT codes and ICD 10 codes for use when talking with your insurance company.

Common CPT Codes

DescriptionCPT Code
Total IgE82785
Specific Allergen IgE tests (like cow’s milk, peanut, cat, birch pollen, etc)86003
Component IgE tests (like ara h 1, ara h 2, ovalbumin, ovomucoid, etc)86008
Vitamin D 25-hydroxy82306
Specific Allergen IgG or IgG4 tests (like cow’s milk, peanut, candida albican)86001
CBC with differential85025

Common ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes

DescriptionICD-10 Code
Adverse Food ReactionsT78.1XXA
Anaphylaxis to dairy, initial encounterT78.07XA
Anaphylaxis to egg, initial encounterT78.08XA
Anaphylaxis to peanut, initial encounterT78.01XA
Anaphylaxis to tree nuts or seeds, initial encounterT78.05XA
Anaphylaxis to shellfish, initial encounterT78.02XA
Anaphylaxis to fish, initial encounterT78.03XA
Anaphylactic reaction due to unspecified food, initial encounterT78.00XA
Anaphylactic reaction due to food additives, initial encounterT78.06XA
Anaphylactic reaction due to adverse effect of correct drug or medicament properly administered, initial encounterT88.6XXA
Allergic UrticariaL50.0
Angioneurotic Edema, initial encounterT78.3XXA
Atopic DermatitisL20.9
Allergic Contact DermatitisL23.9
Allergic Contact Dermatitis due to food in contact with the skinL23.6
Allergic Rhinitis due to animalJ30.81
Allergic Rhinitis due to seasonal allergenJ30.1
Other Allergic Rhinitis (mold, dust mite, perennial)J30.89
Other Seasonal Allergic RhinitisJ30.2
Allergic Rhinitis Due to FoodJ30.5
Other Chronic Allergic ConjunctivitisH10.45
Vitamin D DeficiencyE55.9

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